Welcome to Iron Point Mortgage

Philosophy and Mission:

At Iron Point Mortgage, our business is helping clients get the right residential financing for both purchase and refinance mortgages. Our passion, however, is providing the education and guidance so you’ll understand the process, how to plan for the future, take advantage of available opportunities, and build long-term wealth through Real Estate. Our mission is more than just originating loans, it is to act as your mortgage advisor and resource for life.

Capitalizing on Change:

The Market is always changing. New programs are created, federal guidelines implemented, market opportunities presented, and rates improve. Our mortgage professionals commit to ongoing education in order to stay on top of these changes. We’ll notify you with how to capitalize.

Committed to Communication:

Each person has their own set of needs and desires based upon why they are financing. Every transaction is unique, and should be looked at in the big picture. We’ll listen to your unique scenario, help you step by step along the way, and communicate what is happening whether good or bad.

Simplifying Where Possible:

The mortgage process has become highly regulated, demanding and complex. We are dedicated to personalizing the process, simplifying where possible and advising you on what needs to be done in order to get your home financed. We can’t take all the hassle out of getting a loan, but we’ll reduce the number of hoops you need to jump through.

Home Purchase:

  1. First Time Homebuyer – Programs come and go for 1st Time Homebuyers. Low to no down-payment mortgages are available. What’s right for you?
  2. Re-Entering the Market – After a Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or Short-Sale, the waiting period is not as long as you might think. We’re here to help.
  3. Move-Up Buyer – Planning to sell your home and buy your dream home? Options, such as Bridge Loans, help make the transaction successful.
  4. Move-Down Buyer – Kids have grown and moved out? Free up capital for additional cash-flow to better enjoy the Golden Years.
  5. New or Seasoned Real Estate Investor – Unique guidelines exist for investors. Financing multiple investment properties is available.
  6. Relocating from Out of Area – We’ll introduce you to a professional Realtor and get the right financing for a smooth transition.
  7. 2nd Home or Vacation Home – With your primary lifestyle in place, now it’s time for your vacation home in Lake Tahoe, Napa, or Big Bear.

Home Refinance:

  1. Rate and Term Refinance – Occasionally the market improves. It can be beneficial to decrease your loan’s rate with these fluctuations.
  2. Cash-Out Refi to Consolidate Debt – Wrapping high interest debt (car loans, student debt, and credit cards) can save thousands over your lifetime. It’s not uncommon to save $500 or more per month.
  3. Cash-Out for Other Investments – Looking to purchase investment property or your dream home? Using your existing equity can make this possible.
  4. Cash-Out for Home Improvement – Home becoming dated or time for a renovation? Use your equity to fix up the kitchen or add a pool.
  5. Investment Loan Refi – Market shifting? Improve your ROI by repositioning equity, reducing your rate, or pulling cash out to buy additional property.
  6. Streamline Refinance – Certain Government Loans have simplified programs to improve your rate. Check out the VA Streamline and FHA Streamline.
  7. Credit Score Improvement – A low credit score typically means a higher rate. 20% of consumers have erroneous credit reports, according the FTC. We’ll direct you on what to do to improve your score.

Why Iron Point Mortgage?

  1. Access of a National Direct Lender: While we provide the customer service of a small local business, we have the product access and pricing one of the largest National Banks in the County, Finance of America.
  2. Large Array of Products: Finance of America continues to develop proprietary loan products to serve our clients’ needs. You can feel confident that if you don’t qualify for one product, we have others available.
  3. Benefits of a Direct Bank and Broker: Not all banks have access to programs or pricing at any given time. Iron Point Mortgage also acts as a broker. We have access to many different wholesale banks, their pricing, and offerings.
  4. Someone to Trust: Most people have heard a horror story or two about getting a loan. A person can feel scammed many different ways: the wrong loan, higher rate, or incorrect information. We’re local and your advocate.
  5. Get the Right Loan: Although Internet companies make many promises, they oftentimes don’t materialize. Getting the wrong loan, locking a rate at a poor time, or missing deadlines can cost you dearly. We’re here for the long-term.
  6. Connected in the Real Estate Community: Our solid network of Realtors and other home-related professionals are there to help. When it’s time to make an offer, we’re there to help …we know people.